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Monday, December 26, 2016

Hand-painted wallpaper, a Dutch Heritage.. by Snijder&CO

Hand-painted wallpaper, a Dutch Heritage
The Dutch Golden Age is famous for its painters like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Rubens. But little is known about hand-painted wallpapers from that period. Painting landscapes on paper was a typical Dutch crafts. Between the 17th and the 18th century hundreds of walls must have been covered with by hand-painted wallpapers as a sign of luxury and wealth.

In the 17th century hand-painted wallpaper was a less costly replacement for Tapestries (or Gobelins). Another advantage was that clients could order customized wall coverings and determine size, style and subject of the sceneries.

Mass production
During the early 18th century hand-painted wallpapers were made accessible for all. The Dutch had a dozen workplaces and factories producing hand-painted wallpaper on a massive scale. In the early 19th century the hand-painted wallpaper became less popular and factories had to close. This was mostly due to a diminished Dutch economy and the foreign industrial revolution, which introduced printed wallpaper.

By the 20th century large town houses and estates where converted into offices, hospitals or schools. The (detachable) hand-painted wallpapers where considered impractical and were mostly sold to foreign buyers as works of art. The consequence is that only a few survived in the Netherlands.

Gardens on Paper
About two hundred years later, wallpaper artists Marcelo Gimenes and Jaap Snijder from Snijder&CO picked up this forgotten craft. “After exploring remaining wallpaper samples in museums we decided to work only with modern materials. We did not want to copy the old samples but build upon a Dutch tradition of custom designed wallpaper sceneries”. Each design is completely handmade and is inspired by nature. With endless passion they paint flowers, plants and birds. Leaf by leaf creating beautiful gardens on paper. 

New techniques
They do not work with oil paint or the stencil technique of Chinese wallpaper (Chinoiserie). “We use just ordinary wall paint, this requires a different way of working but it creates a great atmosphere with its bright colours and matte appearance”.
By working together on one design they mix their styles into something new never losing track of its decorative purpose. The wallpaper should always fit in the room for which it was intended. So they make, just like the Dutch wallpaper painter Jurriaan Andriessen (1742-1819), previously detailed sketches and sometimes a scale model for the customer to provide a good understanding of the product.
“It requires a lot of dedication to paint commissioned wallpaper entirely by hand, It is a very labour-intensive craft”.  The hand-painted wallpaper of Snijder&CO is a contemporary version of the Dutch historical predecessor. “That’s why we call our style “Dutchoiserie”.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The new Snijder&CO Lookbook is out now! take a peek
The new Lookbook by Snijder&CO see our latest projects hand-painted wallcovering

Bekijk hier het nieuwe boek van Snijder&CO met alle laatste projecten met handgeschilderd behang.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sneakpreview: hand-painted wallpaper "Green"


Sneakpreview: hand-painted wallpaper "Green" our latest creation for Meesterlijk - design and crafts. Een kleine impressie van ons handgeschilderd behang "Green" voor de aankomende Meesterlijk - 25-27 november Westergasfabriek - Amsterdam.

Friday, November 4, 2016

VT wonen

by: Kristel Engelen

Tuinen van papier

Buiten wordt het kouder en de warme woonkamer begint te lonken. Tijd om het binnen gezellig te maken. En groen! Met het nieuwe behang van Snijder&CO haal je de vlinders, vogels en bloemen naar binnen.
botanisch behang
botanisch behang

Hoe groener, hoe beter

Je kon het al lezen in Green is the new black: de wereld raakt langzaam in de ban van groen. Tegeltuinen maken plaats voor groene walhalla’s en verschillende internationale topontwerpers transformeren woonkamers naar groene oases. Een heel gave muurversiering die je dan ook beslist gezien moet hebben, is het nieuwe behang van Snijder&CO. Vol met vlinders, vogels en bloemen, allemaal met de hand vervaardigd en tot in de details uitgewerkt. Zie het als die geweldig mooie tuinen, maar dan geschilderd op papier. Zo valt er in de winter ook nog wat te beleven!


De makers van het behang, Jaap Snijder en Marcelo Gimenes haalden hun inspiratie uit de Europese natuur. De naam van hun nieuwe lijn ‘Dutchoiserie’ is dan ook een knipoog naar de historische, kunstzinnige stroming Chinoiserie. Dutchoiserie zien zij als de moderne variant. Historische behangsels met een moderne twist, dus.

Panoramische voorstelling

Eén behangrol vormt een paneel van 139 x 303 cm. Er zijn vier verschillende panelen die met elkaar te combineren zijn waardoor er een panoramische voorstelling ontstaat. Het hoogwaardig vliesbehang is verkrijgbaar in drie achtergrondkleuren. Zit er niets bij voor je? Het is zelfs mogelijk om een eigen achtergrondkleur te kiezen. Prijs voor de standaardkleuren: 130,- euro per rol, te bestellen via

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The making of (renovation of Chambre Royal)

We started this project in Spring 2016. The walls needed new covering and the owners of this Mansion commissioned our hand painted wallpaper. The color scheme is based on the original drapes and upholstery. Oak trees and birds from the surrounding Forrest provided the inspiration for the design. Autumn 2016 the room was ready to welcome new guests...

In de lente van 2016 zijn we begonnen met het handgeschilderde behang voor de Chambre Royale van Villa Roffa. De kleuren zijn afgestemd op de originele stoffering. Het thema zijn de flora en fauna van de eikenbossen in de Loire streek bij Blois. Begin herfst ais het project afgerond en de kamer gereed om de gasten weer te verwelkomen! meer info over deze kamer vind je op

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Snijder&CO Wallpaper presented by Branco during Design Weekend Sao Paulo 2016.

Desenvolvida por um seleto grupo de artistas plásticos e designers, a marca branco. é
uma empresa do grupo Bobinex, que tem 50 anos de experiência no mercado de papel
de parede.

Com o compromisso de manter uma curadoria cuidadosa de estampas e a
qualidade de seus produtos, a branco. conta com coleções de papéis de parede e painéis,
assinados por profissionais como Marcelo Rosenbaum e o Fetiche, Joana Lira, Calu
Fontes, Lucas Simões, Sandra Jávera, Ana Strumpf, além de Jaap Snijder e Marcelo Gimenes
da marca Snijder&CO e Antônio Jotta e Carol Nóbrega, da FLO Atelier Botânico.

Apresentando um conceito mais ousado, explorando formas e cores de maneira inusitada,
branco. também tem como propósito se tornar um produto com design e poder
transformador aos ambientes, explorando o conceito de que “o papel muda tudo”.

Sao Paulo Design Weekend

10/08/2016 - 14/08/2016

Brazil is definitively inserted on the top international Design Festivals´ circuit, with the success of the largest Latin American event: DW! Sao Paulo Design Weekend. DW! is a creation of Lauro Andrade – CEO of SUMMIT PROMO – and joins annually, at Sao Paulo´s city, more than 120 independent and simultaneous events, organized by companies, professionals, educational institutions and NGOs. DW!´s first edition was held in 2012 , and since then has been growing and maturating year after year, reaching international quality levels. Public and private activities at DW! are promoted in strategic points of the city such as Museums, Galleries, Studios, Stores, Shopping Centers, Parks, Public Squares, Universities, Colleges and others. The contents are integrated and presented in an Official Program, publicized by DW!´s media groups partners, impacting millions of people and promoting the importance of “design and designers”.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Luxurious hand-painted wallpaper by Snijder&CO (chinoiserie becomes dutchoiserie!)

The latest collection of Snijder&CO is a completely hand-painted wallpaper. Now also available as a printed version in their online shop. Look at

De laatste collectie van Snijder&CO is compleet met de handgeschilderd behang. Nu ook verkrijgbaar in een geprinte versie. Kijk in de online shop voor meer informatie.:

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Our wallpaper Ranunculus on National Brazilian Television network GNT -Decora

Arquiteto Mauricio Arruda se inspira no filme 'Maria Antonieta' para
reformar cozinha e usa nosso papel de parede "Ranunculus losango" a
venda no Brasil na

Our wallpaper Ranunculus on National Brazilian Television network GNT -Decora

Arquiteto Mauricio Arruda se inspira no filme 'Maria Antonieta' para
reformar cozinha e usa nosso papel de parede "Ranunculus losango" a
venda no Brasil na

Monday, March 7, 2016

Kappennow amsterdam - Chosen participant Masterly Dutch Pavilion Salone del Mobile 12-17 april 2016

Kappennow Hand painted lampshades in cooperation with Snijder&CO.

Artists Jaap Snijder and Marcelo Gimenes specialize in hand-painted wallpaper designs and colorful wallpaper patterns. Their iconic wallpapers are completely handmade and are based on nature. Each wallpaper is unique and carefully made with a lot of patience and passion. They mainly paint flowers, plants and birds. This way they create beautiful gardens on paper.
For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Snijder&CO interview in the latest Seasons issue

We are very proud to see this article by Johanna Hoogendam in the latest issue of Seasons - about our Hand-painted wallpaper and our philosophy why we enjoy painting 'gardens on paper' .


A great article in Seasons - showing how and why we paint hand-painted wallpaper.