Snijder&CO on Houzz

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Great article about our Snijder&CO Hand-painted Wallpaper

Hannah (DFL editor) – I think this idea could be the next best thing in interior design.

It all started with a branch, which sprouted leaves, and then the flower buds opened. No, this isn’t an excerpt from a gardening book, it’s the new collection by Snijder & Co. Designers Jaap and Marcelo are launching handmade and hand-painted wallpaper at Meesterlijk – a food and arts event in Amsterdam – at the end of November. “Developing the form was a challenge because we had to strike a balance between illustrative and interior,” explains Jaap. “We had to ensure the design didn’t become too decorative, because the scenery and material need to reflect the lifestyle of the person living in the space.” 

The advantage of this collection is that the paint colours and illustrations can be adjusted according to the client’s wishes. The wallpaper is hand-painted using quality pigmented paints such as Little Greene and Farrow & Ball. 

To demonstrate the overall effect of such an ornate design in a room, the designers are showcasing the collection in dollhouses, which act as miniature showrooms. Jaap explains that thanks to the freedom of the design, their next step is to add to the scenery by painting animals on the panels – the possibilities are endless!